SAT Prep Course

Academic Support

In addition to life-enhancing lessons through golf, The First Tee of Atlanta provides academic support.  Two different classes are available to First Tee members:

  1. SAT Prep
  2. Essay Writing

These courses are provided at little or reduced cost to parents and can make a significant impact in the academic success of the students.

SAT Prep

Our SAT Prep class helps students prepare for their first test experience or improve their score from a previous test. The instructors complete diagnostic tests with each student and offer strategies on how to answer each type of question. Each course includes 9 classes. The First Tee of Atlanta contributes $100 of the $299 course fee, which includes a study book.

Parents should send an e-mail to  A reply message will be returned with the application details.  The last day to sign-up is Friday, January 3, 2014. 

Essay Writing

A professional in writing will teach an Essay Writing class to help students learn the proper writing technique. The Essay Writing class is available to students of all ages, grades 2 – 12. Younger children are taught how to connect sentences and how to incorporate transitions. Their work culminates in building the perfect paragraph. Older students are taught how to take the basic paragraph to the next level by composing a five-paragraph essay. The Essay Writing course is offered each year. This course is free of charge.  Class details and registration information will be posted at a later date.